Welcome Hydro Express Solutions to the family!
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Welcome Hydro Express Solutions to the family!

22 maart 2019

We are happy to welcome Express Hydro Solutions as the first UK contractor in the Sewer Robotics family! Their brand new, Van installed, system with PTC 1000 bar high pressure pump and with trained & licensed operators, they are ready to remove concrete and other solid obstructions from drain lines in the United Kingdom.

The training, designed for operators to introduce them to the equipment, instruct on best practices and first line maintenance & service to run the equipment effectively with hands-on experience was successfully completed! Congratulations!

Contact Express Hydro Solutions and inquire about their concrete removal services in the UK via www.expresshydrosolutions.co.uk or visit www.sewerrobotics.com and learn more about our equipment and trainings!

Sewer robot operator holding his certificate
Lateral view of van
Lateral view of van with open storage space
Full view of van pump
Lateral reinstatement cutter on the floor
Van control unit
Top screen of control unit
Lower view of storage space
Closeup on van pump
Closeup on van hose connections
View of back of the van with open doors and robot on the floor
Side view of the van

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