Ultimate rehab vehicle?
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Ultimate rehab vehicle?

29 december 2017

Customer: "I'd like a vehicle to take care of mainline cleaning, CCTV, lateral reinstatement, solid obstructions and deposits settled!"

A single vehicle for jetting & flushing and operating the ID-TEC SR-SERIES multi tool for 14,500psi Precision water jet cutting, Lateral reinstatement, CCTV inspection & Spot repair installations from inside 6" – 28" water, sewer and storm main pipelines.

The system is installed in a 20ft container or box with side and rear access doors and 1320gallon (5000L) water supply. A PTO generator connected to the vehicle's engine provides the necessary power for the high pressure units and all other system components and vehicle accessories.


IDTEC 20ft container installation with jetting pump and reelTwo high pressure units, storage and junction boxes installed at the front, vertical water tank and controls room in the center and
SR-SERIES reels, robot storage, jib crane and flushing reel at the rear.

Precision water jet cutting
The on-board 14,500psi @ 5.3GPM (1000bar@20ltr/min) high pressure unit makes removal of hardened fat, solidified grease, root balls, cement, scale, grout, calcium and concrete an easy job with the SR-SERIES robot for precision water jet cutting.

A second -high flow- high pressure unit with a max. capacity of 2,030psi (140bar) is installed and provides 36GPM (136ltr/min) for conventional jetting, pipe cleaning and flushing applications. The electric reel with 500' (150m) of 1" jetting hose sits in the back.


IDTEC 20ft container installation with jetting pump and reel rearJib crane, robot storage and SR-SERIES cable and hose reel installed at the left - 1" jetting hose reel installed at the right.


Contact ID-tec or your local distributor for more information!


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