Worldwide Obstructions Removal
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Worldwide Obstructions Removal

13 juli 2018

Sewer Robotics is brought to life to take on the worldwide “challenges” in water- and wastewater pipelines. Challenges that often result in unnecessary excavation and pipe replacement. Challenges, such as: solidified fat & grease, root balls, cross-bores, scaling & tuberculation, calcium & mineral deposits and accidentally dumped cement, grout or concrete.

Sewer Robotics is a worldwide network of individual operating contractors, specialized in pipe rehabilitation. All Sewer Robotics contractors own specialty equipment and have access to a fleet of air- and ocean transportable units.

Have a look at to get an impression of completed jobs and please submit your specific project information. We are looking for your nastiest fatbergs, toughest root balls, hardest grout or years of calcium build-up.

When the shit hits the fan, we can help! WWW.SEWERROBOTICS.COM

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