Removing Failed CIPP Liner from sewer pipeline
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Removing Failed CIPP Liner from sewer pipeline

8 februari 2019

How to remove a failed or collapsed CIPP liner? Simple, with High Pressure Water Jet Cutting!

In this video a failed, partially uncured, liner with a massive wave (shark fin) at the bottom was removed from a 450mm (18") host pipe with the Sewer Robotics WJ180 Water Jet Cutting Robot.

The operator controlled the water pressure and robot's movements precisely with continuous eyes on the job to directly apply the high pressure water blast to the liner and cut it into small pieces. The small pieces of liner were then jetted to the manhole, where they were cut into smaller pieces and removed. #SewerRobot #Trenchlesstechnology

For more information on robotic high pressure water jet cutting or the WJ180 water jet robot, visit or contact

Removed Failed CIPP liner
WJ180 Sewer Water Jetting Robot

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