New UV Patching Packer
Voorbeeld Tekst

New UV Patching Packer

15 februari 2019

No more mixing of resins and impregnation at job sites and just 10 minutes curing time with the Sewer Robotics UV packer and prepreg liners!

This video demonstrates how easy it is to install UV short liners and patches. After cleaning the pipe with the high pressure water jet, the prepreg UV liner is unpacked and wrapped around the packer, which is then positioned and inflated. Once the UV curing button is pressed, it takes no more than 10 minutes until the patch is fully cured.

The UVP125 packer used in this video can be attached directly to any multi-functional Sewer Robotics rehabilitation robot with a camera at the front of the packer. Use the same robotic system to reinstate lateral connections, cut protruding taps and eliminate almost any obstruction (roots, fatbergs, cement, concrete, etc.) from the pipeline.

For more information on UV curing and the UVP125 Packer come visit us during the #WWETT19 Show at booth #2425 or Contact Sewer Robotics or your local distributor!

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