New 1000bar Waterjet for NL & UK

New 1000bar Waterjet for NL & UK

20 oktober 2017

VanderValk+DeGroot has added more power to their already impressive fleet of sewer rehabilitation vehicles.

The brand new vehicle with ID-TEC's robotic Precision Water Jet Cutting system has a maximum capacity of 1000bar (14,500psi) and will be used to eliminate solidified fat, grease, silt, tree roots, cement, grout, scale, mineral deposits and concrete from inside sewer pipes. The truck will operate in the Netherlands and in the United Kingdom for daughter company Draincare.

The operator uses a special designed robot with a camera and steerable nozzle to apply a high pressure/ low flow water blast directly to the material to breakdown and eliminate blockages and obstructions.

The vehicle holds an on board 4000L water supply, 50KW PTO power supply, control room and equipment compartment with work bench, storage, jib crane, hoist, robot cable and high pressure hose reels. All installed in a 6m (18ft) long box on top of a DAF LF chassis.


VanderValk+DeGroot 1000bar waterjet vehicle back VanderValk+DeGroot 1000bar Waterjet vehicle front

ID-TEC 1000bar Waterjet robot WJ180 ID-TEC 1000bar waterjet vehicle controls room


Contact ID-TEC for more information!

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