Müller first German contractor to offer 1000bar precision pipe cleaning in Germany

Müller first German contractor to offer 1000bar precision pipe cleaning in Germany

24 juli 2017

Müller rohrreinigung, specialist in sewer cleaning, inspection and rehabilitation from North East Germany has added a brand new and fully loaded ID-tec multi functional SR-series robotic system to their fleet and is the first to offer ID-tec’s 1000bar precision water jet cutting in Germany.


ID-tec special vehicle installation ID-tec special vehicle installation


Precision water jet cutting is used for liner preparation and removes hardened fat, tree roots, cement, calcium and concrete from diameter 200 – 1000mm pipelines. The SR-series robot, with camera and precisely steerable nozzle, is driven to the troubled area to apply a very powerful high-pressure / low volume (max. 20ltr/min.@1000bar) water blast directly to the material to remove it fast and accurate.

Müllers specialty vehicle was installed by ID-tec and features operator office-space, on-board 3500L water tank and PTO power supply to drive the electrical 1000bar high-pressure unit.

Various job-specific equipment modules are used with the SR-series to perform different jobs in sewer rehabilitation. Besides water jet cutting, Müller rohrreinigung will use the hydro powered SR-series cutter modules for lateral reinstatement and cutting protruding taps in 200-750mm pipelines. ID-tec cutters feature rotating cameras, lens cleaners, precise controls and a powerful 3.4HP cutting motor for accurate, fast and smooth reinstatement operations.


Contact ID-tec or your local distributor for more information.

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