Water main rehab

Water main rehab

January 5 2017

Multiple SR-Series equipment modules were used during different stages of a water main rehabilitation project. ID-tec’s first US user; KPI Sewer from Queensbury, NY demonstrated successfully high-pressure cleaning of tuberculation, cutting protruding taps and CCTV inspection with one single robot system and various job specific modules.

The WJ180 Precision Jet Cutting module cleaned the 8” Cast Iron water main and removed tuberculation.

Pre-inspection/ tap cutting
CCTV “pre-lining” Inspection was done with the HA165 cutter module with front-placed camera. During this run, a protruding tap was removed and a cable pulled through on the way back to set the Spray Lining equipment.

An inspection run between first and second layer of spray lining was completed and a cable pulled through on the way back.

Post-inspection/ lateral reinstatement
After the second layer of lining a post-inspection was conducted with the HA165 cutter module to reinstate a connection in the same run.


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