Maximize profitability

Maximize profitability

August 15 2016

The ID-TEC Sewer Rehabilitation SERIES helps contractors maximize profitability during pipeline rehabilitations. The durable and multifunctional system is easy to use and features different equipment for CCTV inspection, root control, precision jet cutting, packer/carrier placement, lateral reinstatement and concrete removal.

WJ180 precision water jet cutting CAM160 CCTV Inspection and spot repair HA165 Lateral reinstatement and protruding taps cutting

CCTV inspection

The base tractor features the twist-and-lock mechanism, which enables attaching different equipment to adapt to different applications. When the CCTV inspection equipment detects an intruded tree root blocking a pipeline at a lateral connection it can solve these problems right away and without digging.

Equipment changing
Twist the “locking bolts” to loose, detach the CCTV inspection, attach the precision jet cutting equipment, secure back the “locking-bolts,” connect the water hose, select precision jet cutting in the software, and you are ready to go.

Precision jet cutting
Once back inside the pipeline where the tree root has entered, the high-pressure pump can be started from the control unit. The water gets pumped under high pressure through a cutting nozzle, where the resulting blast can be aimed precisely at the blockage.

FOG, sludge, calcium, small roots and other deposits are jetted away with water pressures up to 4,500 psi. Pressures between 3,000 psi and 15,000 psi easily remove all size root intrusions by jetting away the dirt and small root branches first. Then, the water blast cuts off the main root right where it enters the pipe. Precision jet cutting flushes waste and cut materials away. It can also be used at low pressures for scuffing pipe surfaces, which results in better bonding relining materials.

Packer/carrier placement
The perfectly cleaned pipe now needs to be repaired to ensure that stormwater and tree roots won’t enter the cracked pipe again. According to the physical condition of the pipeline, it can be repaired using different CIPP and spot repair technologies.

The SR-SERIES CCTV inspection equipment features an air coupling at the front for connecting packers and carriers. The front placed camera helps to bring the spot repair equipment in place precisely and can then be inflated so that the material bonds to the pipe. The packer/carrier is deflated after the repair and driven back to the manhole.

Lateral reinstatement
Sometimes the condition of a pipeline requires complete relining. Laterals then need to be reinstated. Lateral reinstatement is also done with the SR-SERIES and grinding, milling and cutting equipment. Which is, just like the CCTV inspection and precision jet cutting pieces of equipment, easily attached to the base tractor.

The lateral reinstatement equipment module features 3.4 horsepower water-driven turbine motor for fast and smooth cutting operations. Even when cutting protruding cast iron taps.

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