Innovative products for sewer rehabilitation

Innovative products for sewer rehabilitation

June 15 2017

ID-TEC offers innovative solutions for sewer inspections and rehabilitations. Whether the problem is a broken pipeline, a leaky lateral, a large penetrated root, a greased-up pipe, a protruded lateral, or most other problems, the ID-TEC line of products quickly detects and solves the problem with precision and efficiency- without digging up the pipe.

Precision jet cutting is a powerful technique for removing fat, oil, grease, debris, roots and even calcium or concrete. A camera provides vision of the operation while water pressures up to 32,000psi are precisely aimed at the blockage.


The SR-Series includes many advanced products for sewer inspection and rehabilitation. In this article we focus on the WJ160 (jet cutting), the HA165 (grinding, milling and cutting), and the QLP160 (Quick-Lock compatible packer and pressure tester).

WJ160 Precision water jet cutting equipment module


The fastest way to remove root penetrations is with water under very high pressures up to 15,000psi. The WJ160 Precision jet cutting equipment has an aimable sapphire jetting/ cutting nozzle, two high-power LEDs and a camera, all mounted at the front for very precise operations.

The WJ160 precision jet cutting equipment removes different stoppages and deposits from 8” - 15” pipelines with water pressures up to 15,000psi. Water pressures are continuously adjusted to materials; fats, oils, greases, sand, sludge, small roots and other deposits are jetted away with pressures up to 4,500psi. Water pressures up to 15,000psi eliminate all root intrusions by jetting away the dirt and small root branches first. Then, the water blast cuts off the main root right where it enters the pipe until nothing but a perfectly cleaned and undamaged pipeline remains.

The camera and high-power LED’s
are protected by Sapphire lenses
and mounted just like the Sapphire cutting nozzle at the front of the WJ160 equipment for clear vision while driving and precision jet cutting. The WJ160 equipment removes root infiltrations and other deposits during a CCTV inspection.

Precision jet cutting can be used
for scuffing pipe surfaces for better bonding of CIPP relining materials and a water blast is less likely to cause explosions when a gas line accidentally goes through a pipeline. Precision jet cutting makes the robot suffer fewer vibrations and cutting tools don’t need to be changed.

The WJ180 Ultra High-Pressure Precision jet cutting equipment can be used for concrete removal and heavy jobs with its 8”-20” scope of use and up to 32,000psi water pressure.

HA165 Lateral reinstatement and protruding taps cutting


The HA165 is SR-SERIES’ compact grinding, milling and cutting equipment. The HA165 is especially designed for lateral reinstatement and trimming protruded laterals from relined 8” -
15” pipelines with the water driven 3.4HP or 7.8HP cutting motor and 3.5” vertical stroke.

Lateral reinstatement, trimming protruded laterals or grinding, milling and cutting tree roots and other materials from mainlines is easily done with SR-SERIES’ base robot equipped with grinding, milling and cutting equipment.

The HA165 grinding, milling and cutting equipment is compatible with two, very powerful, Ø 2.95” water driven cutter motors. The WM500 cutter motor with its 3.9”-high water turbine motor that generates 3.4 HP at 25,000rpm and the super efficient WM200 with its 5.1”-high water hydraulic piston motor that generates 7.8 HP at just 4,000rpm. Water hydraulic cutting motors are very strong compared to equal-sized electrical and air driven motors. Pressure losses
 are minimal with water hydraulic systems and the water cools
cutting materials, tools and ceramic bearings for increased lifetimes.

For larger diameters and hard to reach operations the HA195 grinding, milling and cutting equipment can be used with its 11” stroke and front placed cutting motor.

QLP160 Quick Lock packer and pressure tester


The QLP160 is a stand-alone 
Quick Lock-compatible packer and pressure tester in one. The packer
is attached to any type of CCTV inspection robot or the SR-SERIES base robot. The packer loads spot- repair parts from inside the pipe by driving through. The pressure testing can be used to check pipe joints and repair parts for leakages.

The QLP160 has air-retractable front wheels for loading Quick Locks by driving through and partially inflating the bladders. After loading, the mechanical spot-repair part is driven in place by the camera crawler. Once in place, the two bladders of the packer are inflated to install the Quick Lock.

After completing the installation, the bladders are deflated and the space between them extended to prepare the equipment for pressure testing. The bladders are now inflated in front of and behind the freshly installed spot-repair part or pipe joint to test for leakage. The space between the bladders is pressurized and monitored for pressure losses that indicate leaks.

The QLP160 equipment is operated from the SR-SERIES control unit
or when used with another crawler from a tablet that communicates with the smart cable reel over WiFi. This allows the operator 
to be in control of the whole equipment right at the operator space of the inspection robot. The QLP160 software is easy-to-use and compatible with NASSCO PACP Certified WinCan or POSM software to include the pressure testing in the inspection report.


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