Calcium and Concrete removal

Calcium and Concrete removal

August 10 2016

Rent this all-inclusive, high-pressure waterjetting system to remove hard deposits in pipelines 8 inches or larger.

Remove years of calcium buildup and accidentally dumped concrete from pipelines 8 inches or larger by renting a 32,000-psi precision waterjet cutting unit from ID-TEC.

As an experienced operator, you’ll receive the SR-SERIES crawler with precision jet cutting equipment installed in a 20-foot, stand-alone container that features a control room, 925-gallon water tank, cable reels and high-pressure unit.

Once the crawler is at the blockage inside the pipeline, the diesel-driven, ultra high-pressure unit is started and the water pressure is continuously adjusted to the material.

Harder calcium and concrete deposits require up to 32,000 psi to remove. The camera provides eyes on the operation when the steerable cutting nozzle is aimed directly at the material.

The resulting water blast cuts holes in the material. Pressures rise inside these holes and break the material loose from the pipe surface without damaging them. The material breaks loose, piece-by-piece, up to 30 feet of extremely hard calcium or concrete a day.

Pricing for the rental equipment can be provided per project, day or feet after analyzing pipe diameters, materials, hardness and lengths. Please contact an ID-TEC professional for additional information or to discuss a project. 503/504-8474; See Cleaner article.


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