New 1000bar Box Van

New 1000bar Box Van

October 15 2018

Last month, H. Jakober Transporte & Kanalservice AG added another fully equipped, ID-TEC installed 1000bar Water Jet Cutting truck to their fleet. H.Jakober is the only company, specialized in cement, concrete and calcium removal from sewer and water pipelines in the Alps.

The box installed system features a spacious controls room, 1000L water tank installed between the separation walls and plenty of storage. The 1000bar PTC high pressure unit is driven by the Renault Master's engine through a split-gearbox.

After the delivery training and a nice wrapping, the system is now ready to remove calcium from storm- and sewer pipelines in the Alps.

H.Jakober 1000bar ID-tec Calcium removal box van

ID-tec High pressure box van 1000bar pump

ID-tec 1000bar calcium removal box van split gearbox driven pump

ID-tec 1000bar calcium removal box van controls room

ID-tec 1000bar water jet cutting robot calcium removal box van system

ID-tec removed calcium with 1000bar water jet cutting

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