CCTV inspection and Spot Repair

CCTV inspection and Spot Repair

CCTV mainline inspection and installation of spot repair sleeves with the same transporter used for precision water jet cutting and lateral reinstatement. The mainline inspection & spot repair modules feature a pan & tilt camera and a pressure adjustable air coupling at the front, operated from the control unit to connect with the QLP160 spot repair and pressure testing packer, as well as a variety of other packers suitable for grouting and the installation of mechanical repair sleeves and part liners. ID-TEC operating software is compatible with NASSCO PACP certifiend WinCan and POSM Software.

Unique standard features:

  • Pressure adjustable air coupling for spot repair installations
  • Camera compatible with push reel

CCTV Inspection and Spot Repair modules

The available modules for CCTV inspection and spot repair are the CAM125 for 6"-15" (150-375mm) and the CAM160 for 8"-15" (200-375mm). Click products for technical specifications.

CAM125 CCTV Inspection and Spot Repair module More info about the WJ160 precision water jet cutting module


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