Lateral Reinstatement

Lateral Reinstatement

Cutting Protruding Taps

High power and precise controls allow fast, smooth and accurate service lateral reinstatement of all types CIPP and UV-cured liners, joint off-set corrections and cutting hammer taps and Protruding Laterals from lined 6" to 28" (150-750mm) Cast Iron, Cement, Concrete, Vitrified Clay and Plastic pipelines. The Powerful ID-tec reinstatement cutter modules feature (High Pressure) water-powered cutting motors and speed adjustable controls. Water lubricates the ceramic bearings and cools the bit for increased life expectancy.

Use the same SR-SERIES transporter with a Precision water jet cutting module to eliminate all obstructions and settled deposits and to prepare the pipelines for CIPP lining or any other type of no-dig rehabilitation.


Water powered cutting/ milling

  • Powerful
  • Accurate
  • Fast

Lateral Reinstatement Cutter Modules

The available modules for service lateral reinstatement and cutting protruding taps are: HA125 for lined 6" - 15" (150-375mm), HA165 for lined 8" - 15" (200-375mm) and HA195 for lined 10" - 28" (250-700mm). Click products for technical specifications.

HA125 lateral reinstatement cutting module More info about the HA165 cutting module More info about the HA195 cutting module



Lateral Reinstatement and Cutting Protruding Taps

Obstruction(s):  Intruding lateral connection & Liner
Pipe Diameter: 400mm (15 3/4")
Pipe Material: Concrete
Water Pressure: 500bar (7250psi)
Used ID-tec equipment: R300 transporter, HA280 Water Driven Cutting Module, CP3D Control Unit, MH Cable and Hose reels, HDE37 - 500bar (7250psi) High Pressure Unit, Vehicle Installed.



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