Precision Water Jet Cutting Module

Precision Water Jet Cutting Module

WJ125 - 6"-15" (150-375mm)

The WJ125 Precision Water Jet Cutting module is compatible with the R125 Transporter for removing root balls, hardened fat, grease, cement, scale, calcium and mineral build- up and over- poured concrete from within 6" - 15" (150-375mm) pipes. The WJ125's jetting arm features 8" (210mm) ram lift and 120 degrees nozzle- tilt to ensure the right working angle in small pipelines and service lateral connections. The camera and LED lighting are placed behind the water jet. A variety of nozzles and water pressures up to 32,000psi (2200bar) can be used.


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Scope of use: 6" - 15" (150-375mm)
Water pressure: max. 32,000psi (2200bar)
Ram lift: 8" (210mm)
Nozzle tilt: 120°


  • Heavy- duty materials
  • Compatible with rotary and cutting nozzles
  • Air lens cleaner
  • Color camera
  • Ajustable LED lighting
  • Sapphire lenses
  • Twist-and-lock mechanism