CCTV Inspection and Spot Repair Module

CCTV Inspection and Spot Repair Module

CAM160 - 8"-15" (200-375mm)

The CAM160 CCTV inspection and spot repair module features a pan and tilt camera and an air coupling at the front for CCTV main line inspections and spot repair installations from 8" - 15" (200-375mm) pipelines. The software can be used in combination with NASSCO PACP licensed WinCan and POSM inspection software.

Spot repair installations

The CAM160 inspection module features a a pan & tilt camera and a pressure adjustable air coupling at the front, operated from the control unit to connect with the QLP160 spot repair and pressure testing packer, as well as a variety of other packers suitable for grouting and the installation of mechanical repair sleeves and part liners.

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Scope of use: 8"-15" (200-375mm)
Air coupling: max. 145 psi (10bar)
Camera Pan: max. 230 degrees
Location transmitter: 512 MHz


  • Compatible with R160 transporter
  • Air coupling for spot repair packers
  • Infinite rotating color camera
  • Manual focus
  • Auto horizon adjustment
  • Intensity adjustable LED lighting
  • Camera compatible with push cable
  • Compatible with NASSCO PACP licensed POSM and WinCan
  • Heavy-duty materials
  • Laser crack measurement (optional)