Lateral Reinstatement Cutting Module

Lateral Reinstatement Cutting Module

HA125 - 6"-15" (150-375)

The HA125 lateral reinstatement cutter module is compatible with the all wheel driven R125 Transporter and built for lateral reinstatement and cutting protruding taps and services from 6" - 15" (150-375mm) pipelines. The 125 cutter arm features 8" (205mm) ram lift and 55 degrees pivoting of the cutter motor. ID-tec's compact, but very powerful, water driven, cutter motor delivers 3.4 Horse Power for fast lateral reinstatement and cutting protruding taps with precision and a smooth cut.

The water lubricates the ceramic bearings and provides cooling to the cutter bit, which increases the life expectancy of the equipment.


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Scope of use: 6" - 15" (150-375mm)
Cutter motor: 3.4HP Water driven
Ram lift: 8" (205mm)
Motor pivoting: 55°


  • Compatible with R125 Transporter
  • Compatible with Diamond and Carbide cutting and milling bits
  • Air lens cleaner
  • Color camera
  • Adjustable LED lighting
  • Speed adjustable 4 axis movements
  • Heavy-duty materials