IDTec USA Modular Pipe Rehab Technologies


 IDTec USA is the proud manufacturer of Hydro powered "Cutting Edge" Sewer Rehabilitation equipment. This modular system features the multi functional R160 transporter and various job-specific modules for underground pipe inspection, cleaning, cutting and rehabilitation.


"Calcium and Concrete removal"- By using either the WJ160 or WJ180, up to 32,000 PSI precision jet cutting removes fog, debris, tree roots, cement, calcium and concrete.


"Lateral Reinstatement and Cutting Protruding Taps"- By using either the HA165 or HA195, these cutting modules will handle all grinding, milling and cutting jobs, such as lateral reinstatement, smoothening off sets and cutting protruding taps.


"Root and Grease Control"- Our newly developed root and grease control dosing unit enables you to apply chemicals precisely to the desired spots.


"CCTV Inspection and Spot Repair"- With the CAM160 both CCTV inspection and point repair can be performed. By attaching the QLP160 packer, precise placement of CIPP liners or other mechanical spot repair systems can be installed. This CCTV mainline system is compatible with certified NASSCO PACP software, such as Wincan and POSM.


All job specific equipment modules can be easily attached to the transporter within 60 seconds.


For additional product information contact IDTec USA at 503-504-8474 now.