Sewer Rehabilitation SERIES


Welcome at ID-TEC's website. ID-TEC is the proud manufacturer of the multifunctional SR-SERIES. One robotic system for the inspection, cleaning and rehabilitation of pipelines making, your everyday jobs safer, easier and more efficient.

Imagine, ONE system for inspection, cleaning, cutting and rehabilitating

Whether you need a cutter for lateral reinstatement and cutting protruding taps. A water jet cutting technique so powerful that it removes tree roots, blockades and even calcium and concret. Or a CCTV inspection robot for quick inspections and trenchless placement of cipp liners and other spot repair parts. The ID-TEC SR-SERIES does it all! Fast, efficient, powerful and with eyes on the operation.

The SR-SERIES base robot features the Twist-and-lock mechanism that enables changing equipment within 60 seconds and holds power, video and air connections while securing a watertight fit.

Find more information about SR-SERIES' applications by clicking the icons above or click products to access the available SR-SERIES products with their technical specifications.


Contact an ID-TEC professional available at +61(0)3.9764.0288 to answer questions or to provide you with additional information about applications and products.